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Time capsule

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Nov. 4th, 2007 | 12:02 pm
posted by: minnesattva in pixelwhores

I lost my camera for a few months, and before that I lost a couple of pictures that I remembered as being very nice that I wanted to post here, only to be met with "no images to display". I couldn't figure out how they'd disappeared.

Now my camera's back and I've used it a few times, looked at the pictures on it, and today when I put them on my computer I found, sandwiched between pictures I'd taken in the last couple of days, three old ones. Here's one of those, an umbrella graveyard (there were two more on the other side that I didn't see until after I'd taken the picture). This was taken just as the first round of floods went through Yorkshire this summer; on this side of the Pennines we got only a frosty cold wind where umbrellas go to die.

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