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There's a trick with a camera I'm learning to do...

Picture a Day
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"I am a camera, recording with my shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking"

--Christopher Isherwood, The Berlin Stories

Our Lives in Pictures:

a community in which to post one picture daily that represents yourself on that day, i.e. how you feel inside, about others, what excites you, makes you sad, etc. It can be a self-portrait or a picture of something else, as long as it "says" as much as possible about who/what/where you are on that day.

it could be anything. from a picture of some beautiful place you visit, to a picture of something you see every day. a light switch in your house, a car that always parks near by, a half opened and never to be finished box of dried apricots, a favourite pen, a pen you dont much care for.

if you wish to add context, feel free to do so in the comments, but where possible, leave the post as just the picture.

try and size pictures with consideration for those poor souls with dialup connections or if not, place your image under an LJ-CUT.

above all please post, enjoy and discuss. this is supposed to be fun :)

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